Thursday, September 18, 2008

Father and Sons Campout 2008

Now for those of you that know my husband, or my father in law AT ALL, know that camping is NOT their thing. Jeremy loves to be outdoors, fishing, hiking, riding four wheelers, roasting marshmallows and hot dogs with the best of them. But when it comes time for sleep, he is ALL about the nice warm, clean, comfortable bed, after a hot shower of course! So for him to take our boys on these campouts year after year is a sacrifice that he is happy to make for sharing this experience with his boys. He is such a FANTASTIC father and I am always impressed with his selflessness when it comes to our children.

Needless to say, it was not a peaceful night! The tent was on a slope and so all night long they needed to readjust. The air mattress had a leak and slowly seeped out the air all night. Not to mention the other tent dwellers! Now my children are the FUNNIEST sleepers, all of them. For some reason they always end up sideways in bed without their blankets covering them. So as you can imagine camping with little legs kicking you in the side as you are uselessly trying to sleep. Zak obviously had too much to drink because he needed to relieve himself every hour, ALL night long. All in all it was a success. The boys had a fabulous time, including our nephew who was able to join them as well. THANKS DAD AND GRANDPA!


Mama F said...

I love to look at the pictures when the boys get home from a camp out. It's a fun peek into what they do when we are not around.

Alyssa said...

I am glad you started a blog. Since we never get to hang out (because basically our lives revolve around carpooling,cleaning,and cooking)finally we will be able to keep up on what eachother is up to. You guys are darling! I hope you are feeling good. I think about you a lot.

*Trisha said...

Isn't that how it always goes? Something (or lots of things haha) always seems to go awry when family memories are being made. But I guess that's what makes life interesting and those moments worth remembering, right? :)
Welcome to the blogging world and congrats on the coming addition! Hope you are feeling better!

Jennifer said...

Cute pictures! I'm so glad you're blogging again :). Did you know we had a baby gap outlet now? Soooo fun!

Stephanie said...

OK, OK, I know you have an excuse to be a slacker, but when all the rest of us are at the edge of our computer chairs waiting for a new post, you shouldn't disappoint! Besides, you should WANT to show off your family more often... they are perfect!

Ethington Family said...

Hi Kara!
I didn't know you were expecting again, congrats!!
I love seeing your blog. It is a fun way to keep up with each other, so I'm glad you started one. Your family is so cute! Keep in touch.